CJS bio


Christopher John Scruton is the owner and operator of Anarchy Brothers Press, an independent comic book publisher and digital store. Passionate about writing from the age of nine, he had a rough upbringing and often turned to comic books as a refuge away from the horror around him. He was born with a learning disorder, and in elementary school, a teacher sexually molested him. That teacher never served any time in prison, and as a result, Christopher has been distrustful of authority figures throughout his life.

In high school, Christopher was a victim of bullying, called names like “faggot” by his peers and “lost cause” by his teachers. Shy and soft-spoken, he kept his head down until graduation, at which point he matriculated into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in order to study computer animation. There, he honed his skills as an artist and expanded his mind by experimenting with substances such as marijuana and LSD.

Outside of comic books, Christopher is interested in punk music and tattoos.