I Have No Use For A Name Vol. 1


The First Journey

I Have No Use For A Name is about a man who calls himself No Name tells the story of how he has survived the apocalypse. The first tells a story that when he was ten the world had ended and these night creatures in which he called the Alps ruled most of the world. He explains that these creatures come to hunt most of the male population and breed with the women. When he turned about sixteen the place he staying in and was ruled by a kid named Lance and he experienced a dark version of Lord of the flies. When he turned eighteen he set out to look for other survivors and he had found that there was some sort of hope from a man who called himself The President. This man he had only conversation on the radio tells No Name that’s there is some sort of hope during the end of days and he must head towards Washington DC. While staying in the abandoned city of Pittsburgh, he meets another survivor called Zoey and her dog Max. She tells her story of how she grew up in a cult called the Omega church and the hell that she went through. Zoey and No Name have a connection because they knew what it was like to be abused when they were kids.


Collecting issues 1-5

Publication date : September 30, 2015
Pages 119